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Image Marry Me, Marry You Season 1

Marry Me, Marry You Season 1

Release Date 2022-01-21
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Drama, Comedy
Stars Janine Gutierrez, Paulo Avelino, Sunshine Dizon, Cherry Pie Picache, Vina Morales

A couple navigates the traditional expectations attached to marriage — that it extends beyond one’s partner, and includes their friends and family, too.

1. Family


Camille, a bright and kind-hearted girl, finds home in her three loving godmothers after losing her mother at a young age. With newfound hope, she strives hard to achieve her dreams and help her close-knit family overcome life's challenges.

2. Encounter


Following an unfortunate encounter, Andrei gets hold of a bracelet similar to his and decides to look for its owner. In a bid to secure a deal with the government, an unexpected twist of fate soon leads the overbearing businessman to Camille.

3. Boss


Andrei grows more curious about Camille and her bracelet as he struggles to let go of his painful childhood memories. Determined to prove his worth, he reaches out to Camille in a desperate attempt to earn a key investor's favor.

4. Asset


Camille's family faces an uphill battle as danger befalls Elvie. In dire need of money for her godmother's operation, Camille decides to accept Andrei's job offer but soon stumbles upon another puzzling similarity with her boss.

5. Save


Marvi, Paula, and Elvie grow alarmed upon learning of the identity of Camille's new boss. As she tries to find a way to save Andrei's business venture, Camille comes across a different side of the overbearing CEO.

6. Abandoned


Elvie gets visibly distraught upon learning that Andrei still bears the pain of being abandoned in the past. Aljo faces resistance as he decides to hand a little help for Elvie. Cedric explains to Andrei why he should add Camille to their team.

7. Investor


Andrei struggles to secure Emilio's support for his project despite closing the deal with a key investor. As Andrei officially hires Camille into the company, Elvie tries to hold back her deep longing for her son.

8. Approval


Refusing to give up his project, Andrei makes a way to gain the company’s approval. As she learns of Andrei’s estranged relationship with his father, Camille becomes determined to help her boss overcome his painful past.

9. Argument


Paula and Elvie get into a heated argument as the latter insists on letting Koleene spend time with Aljo. While Andrei strives hard to make his project happen, Laviña and Patricia brew up a plan to sabotage it.

10. Relationship


As Elvie’s yearning for her son grows, Paula and Marvi dissuade her from reaching out to him. Andrei defends Camille when Emilio rebukes their project, unaware of Laviña and Patricia’s efforts to stall its fruition.

11. Declined


Despite losing his position at the company after his project's unsuccessful launch, Andrei remains driven to make a name for himself. As his relationship with Andrei reaches a new low, Emilio gets reminded of a bitter memory from his past.

12. Feelings


While Andrei starts up his own tech company, Cedric decides to confess his deepening feelings to Camille. Laviña drops a bombshell on the Zamoras, sowing discord between Elvie and Victor.

13. Competitor


Laviña's plot leaves a deep stain on Elvie and Victor's marriage as the latter struggles to come to terms with his wife's secret. With the company's stock price declining, Laviña sets her sights on Andrei's project.

14. Persistent


Learning about Victor’s illness the hard way, Elvie persistently attempts to fix her strained relationship with her husband. Soon, she confronts Laviña for exposing her well-kept secret.

15. Admiration


Andrei and Emilio pull out all the stops to outdo one another in launching the Juan Signal Project. Camille struggles in dealing with her family’s current problem, allowing her boss to see her in a new light.

16. Forgiveness


Victor's forgiveness remains elusive for Elvie. While a seeming clash of hearts brews between Andrei and Cedric, the battle for the Juan Signal Project intensifies as Link Telecom inches closer to securing the government's support.

17. Thoughtful


Love envelops Camille's family as they help one another overcome adversities in their own thoughtful ways. Meanwhile, Xavier faces Emilio's wrath when a violent video of him circulates online. Soon, Paula meets a new guy.

18. Destiny


As they grow closer to each other, Andrei and Camille discover how fate once brought them together. With their children's lives getting intertwined, Victor urges Elvie to tell Andrei the truth and make up for her past decision.

19. Invitation


Andrei gains a slight edge with his project proposal, while Emilio hits a roadblock when Xavier refuses to own up to his mistake. Vowing to help Elvie reconnect with her son, Victor invites Andrei to dinner.

20. Reunited


When Camille suddenly arrives, Andrei pretends not to know Elvie upon coming face-to-face with her again. Emilio’s relationship with Xavier falls to pieces as Link Telecom struggles to bounce back from defeat.

21. Visitor


Andrei tries to hide his resentment toward Elvie while the latter makes great efforts to celebrate Kelvin's academic achievement. Meanwhile, Cedric takes more notice of Andrei and Camille's unusual closeness.

22. Bestfriend


Cedric and Andrei's friendship is put to the ultimate test as the latter decides to confess his true feelings to Camille. Meanwhile, Elvie struggles to accept Camille and Andrei's relationship for fear that the truth will hurt them both.

23. Brother


While Andrei and Xavier mend their relationship as brothers, Laviña begins to feel uncertain of her position in Emilio's life. Paula finds a friend in Luke's company as she gets to know him better. Elvie comes upon a painful discovery.

24. Anger


As Kelvin's graduation celebration brings back bitter memories, Andrei's deep-seated anger toward Elvie intensifies. The young CEO soon finds an opportunity to reveal all his pain to his mother, shattering her hope for reconciliation.

25. Tension


Coming across Andrei and Camille, Patricia and Laviña take turns in throwing shade on them. Kelvin finds himself on the receiving end of his boss's anger as he begins working for Andrei. Paula comes to Luke’s aid when he gets into trouble.

26. Patience


While Elvie fears that Andrei is venting out his deep-seated anger on Kelvin, Camille advises the young CEO to be patient with others. Andrei doubts Emilio's motive in partnering with United Tech for the Juan Signal project.

27. Agreement


Myke takes Camille's doubts on his business proposal the wrong way. As Emilio plans to make amends with Andrei, the Legazpi patriarch tries to strike an agreement with Camille in an attempt to weed her out of his son's life.

28. Speculation


Discovering puzzling information about Emilio, Camille begins to speculate on the identity of Andrei's mother. Unknown to United Tech, Emilio brews up a devious plan to sabotage their success. Meanwhile, Paula gets heartbroken anew.

29. Disclosure


Andrei and Elvie find themselves in a tight spot as Camille pieces together the clues about Andrei's mother. With the truth out in the open, Andrei's resentment toward Elvie deepens. Link and United Tech seal their partnership.

30. Acceptance


After learning of the painful truth from Elvie, Kelvin decides to forgive his mother. Elvie gives her adopted daughter a piece of selfless advice as Camille and Andrei get caught in the middle of her difficult situation.

31. Delays


Andrei holds a small celebration for the nearing success of United Tech's project, only to grow upset upon receiving bad news. Elvie arrives at the wrong time to deliver the meal she prepared for her estranged son.

32. Past


Still hoping for her family to be whole again, Koleene asks Paula not to get a boyfriend. Recalling his past heartbreak, Emilio fails to contain his curiosity and directly asks Cedric about Elvie.

33. Sabotage


Andrei finds himself up against the wall as United Tech struggles to overcome financial difficulties. With Lavina's slanders against Camille and Elvie, Emilio comes up with a way to force Andrei back to Link Telecom.

34. Caught


Camille's heart breaks into pieces upon catching Patricia in Andrei's room. Taking her son's words, Elvie volunteers to help him with Camille. Unbeknownst to the concerned mother, Emilio is keeping an eye on her.

35. Resign


Camille manages to solve United Tech's funding issue, leaving Andrei with no choice but to let her go. Cedric makes a sly move upon discovering the truth behind his best friend's alleged affair with Patricia.

36. Farewell


Luke confesses his true feelings for Paula. After secretly meeting with the person who helped her save United Tech from ruin, Camille reins in her emotions as she bids her farewell to Andrei.

37. Comfort


Emilio explains to Elvie why he is adamant about putting a wedge between Andrei and Camille. Cedric comforts Camille who is still emotional following her breakup. With a bouquet in hand, Luke surprises Paula with a visit.

38. Damage


The rivalry between Andrei and Cedric brews anew as the latter decides to make a move on Camille. Seething with jealousy, Lavina stirs more trouble for the Zamoras upon learning of Emilio's recent encounter with Elvie.

39. Deal


Andrei confronts Patricia upon learning of a suspicious circumstance following his drunken stupor. Soon, he makes a startling discovery when he runs into Emilio. Bent on pursuing Jamie, Xavier comes up with a way to earn Myke's favor.

40. Misunderstanding


The rift between Andrei and Camille intensifies when he accuses her of conniving with Emilio. Discovering Lavina's underhanded move, Elvie rushes to Link Telecom to confront her.

41. Decision


Refusing to listen to reason, Andrei decides to close down his company. Cedric surprises Camille with a sweet gesture. Victor and Myke get into a heated argument because of Xavier’s money.

42. Apology


Listening to their children, Myke, Marvi, Victor, Elvie, and Paula settle their differences. Camille pours out the pain she feels about what Andrei did to her. While helping a woman in labor, a charming young man catches Koleene’s attention.

43. Launch


The Zamoras return Emilio's money to end ties with him. While everyone celebrates Juan Signal's successful launch, Cedric hears devastating news. Andrei makes a tough decision to forget all the pain in his heart.

44. Departure


Cedric begins to feel guilty, unaware that Andrei has already found out about his betrayal. Learning about Andrei's departure, Elvie reaches out to Emilio in hopes of mending her relationship with their son.

45. Promise


Despite Andrei's promise to be a better man, Camille refuses to give their love a second chance for the sake of her family. Marvi and Myke become conflicted upon realizing that they may have fallen victims to a scam.