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Image Twin Star Exorcists

Twin Star Exorcists

Release Date 2017-03-29
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Masaya Takatsuka, Misako Tomioka, Natsuki Hanae, Ayumu Murase, Kohsuke Toriumi
Directors Mikio Endo, Tomohisa Taguchi, Hajime Takakuwa

Rokuro is from a family of exorcists, but he'd rather be a singer, a soccer player or anything but an exorcist! He's forced to own up to his own incredible potential when new arrival Benio stirs his competitive spirit. But their rivalry gets a twist when they earn the prestigious title of "Twin Star Exorcists"—two supreme fighters fated to marry and birth the ultimate spiritual warrior!

1. The Destined Two - Boy Meets Girl


Rokuro Enmado has great talent as an exorcist, but because of trauma in his past he has given that pursuit up. That's when he meets Benio Adashino, head of the famous Adashino exorcist clan, who has moved to Tokyo from Kyoto. What will become of these two after their fateful meeting?

2. Intersection of Twin Stars - A Fateful Fight


Benio has moved into the Seika dormitory, which puts her into conflict with Rokuro after their unpleasant first encounter. Soon a strange individual arrives at the dorm clad only in a pair of underpants. This turns out to be the leader of all exorcists, the Chief Exorcist Tsuchimikado Arima. After inviting the members of the dorm to the Five Mirror Chamber, he asks Rokuro and Benio to battle in front of exorcist authorities from around Japan. Benio wants to test Rokuro's strength, but he still wants nothing to do with being an exorcist.

3. Differing Intentions - A Hero's Worth


Benio quickly becomes the center of attention after transferring to Rokuro and Mayura's middle school. When a Kegare attacks between classes, Benio decides to leave while Rokuro claims that their studies should take precedence over exorcist duties. But is that how he really feels?

4. The Sound of Magano - Bothersome Twosome


When Ryogo runs into more trouble than expected during a Kegare exorcism, a desperate Rokuro turns to the one person he thinks can really help: Benio.

5. Twelve Guardians, Vermilion Bird - The Guardian Shimon


When the kids from an elementary school soccer team are suddenly transported to Magano by Kegare, Rokuro joins Benio, Atsushi, and Shinnosuke to go to Magano and save them. But in the middle of the battle, painful memories overwhelm Rokuro, and he's unable to fight. Just then, one of the highest ranking Exorcists, the "Vermilion Bird" of the Twelve Guardians, Ikaruga Shimon, appears.

6. Benio and Mayura - Girls' Party


With Benio constantly leaving school for no given reason, Mayura starts to worry about her new classmate. And Rokuro starts getting back into the swing of things by joining the others on a regular Kegare exorcism.

7. A New Trial - Unbelievable Game


Arima returns to Tokyo to give the Twin Star Exorcists a trial to test their skills. But it's not the kind of test they were anticipating, with an unexpected reward.

8. Rokuro's Feelings - Shocking Confession


Mayura and Benio debate whether or not Rokuro should continue fighting, and an unpleasant figure from Rokuro's past arrives to test his renewed dedication to being an exorcist.

9. Intertwining Tragedies - Tragedy Comes With Smile


With the truth about Rokuro exposed to Benio, the Twin Star Exorcists are confronted by someone who shares a connection to both of them.

10. Subaru's Training - The Bewitching Guardian


After being confronted by Yuuto, the Twin Star Exorcists are desperate to get stronger in preparation for future battles, but Benio's old master Subaru has a different kind of training in mind.

11. Do Your Best, Newlyweds - Fantastic Moments


Subaru of the Twelve Guardians thinks that Benio and Rokuro need to understand each other better, but the Twin Star Exorcists aren't convinced and insist on conventional combat training. The debate comes to head in the form of a game of hide and seek: if Benio and Rokuro can track Subaru down before sunset, she'll provide the training they're asking for.

12. Give Me a Break - Basara Boy Kamui


Benio and Rokuro square off against the massively powerful Kamui, but are hopelessly outmatched. What makes this Kegare so uniquely dangerous? And can the Twin Star Exorcists survive?

13. Your Courage, My Courage - Zero Millimeters Apart


Benio has a vendetta against the incredibly powerful Basara, Kamui. Rokuro tries to reason with her as she insists on fighting him no matter what the cost. Can the Twin Star Exorcists overcome their most deadly enemy yet by working together?

14. Yukatas, Stars and Wishes - Tanabata Special


It's Tanabata at the Seika Dorm, and everyone is reminiscing while they think about what their wishes for the future will be.

15. Goodbye to Being Alone - The Awakening of Love


Ryogo gets introduced to an attractive young exorcist by Fushihara, an exorcist from the neighboring area, causing him to question whether or not exorcists should pursue romantic relationships in face of the otherworldly threats that menace their lives.

16. As an Exorcist - Salvation Then Wailing


After harsh words from Seigen, the Twin Stars are frustrated with how powerless they feel. Mayura decides to help cheer her exorcist friends up, in spite of a warning from her father...

17. The Red Emblem Master Gave Me - New Talisman From Master


Seigen attacks Yuuto, which proves useless. Yuuto fatally wounds Seigen who casts a barrier around the Twin Star Exorcists and the fainted Mayura. Seigen resolves to blow himself up; however, Rokuro and Benio escape from inside the barrier, which again Yuuto congratulates. Seigen is saved minus one arm and Rokuro manages to land a punch on Yuuto who is shocked. He then announces that he will wait for Rokuro's answer (whether he will join Yuuto on the dark side) at a place where there are precious memories for the both of them: Hiinatsuki Dormitory. Seigen and Mayura were hospitalized: Seigen undergoing surgery and Mayura still unconscious. Jissama has received information that the Twelve Guardians has been mobilized to destroy Yuuto and he gives Rokuro a package that Seigen had been wanting to give him. Inside, there is the black exorcist uniform that Seigen wore. Rokuro wears the uniform and announces to Benio that he will defeat Yuuto even with the Twelve Guardians mobilized.

18. On the Eve of Battle - Triumph Over Fear


Rokuro has sworn to defeat Yuto. But... how? The Twin Star Exorcists look at the facts and try to find a way to strengthen their odds against an opponent that outclasses them in nearly every way.

19. Both Sin and Impurity - The 10 Seconds Decision


It's all been leading up to this. With their new Resonance abilities, the Twin Star Exorcists take the fight directly to Ijika Yuto. Will it be enough to defeat the twisted, evil exorcist?

20. Our Path - To the Future with Us Two


Yuto has been dominating the Twin Star Exorcists so far, but can help from an unexpected source change the course of their battle?

21. Rebirth of the Twin Stars - Sweetie Fairy


Two years have passed since their battle with Yuto, and the Twin Star Exorcists have gotten better with age. But when they find something unexpected in Magano, there's no telling what it could mean for their future.

22. It's Impure, Yknow? - Philosophical Filthy Seraphim


The hellish world of Magano, home of the Kegare, has begun to leak into our reality. Can the Twin Star Exorcists stop the growing influence before it spells doom for the town of Narukami?

23. Westward, Twin Stars - Hard To Be Mother


The Twin Stars head out of town to seal a Dragon Spot, and Benio is confronted with the infamy caused by her brother.

24. The Kegare's Dream - What Is Beautiful?


The Twin Stars' tour across Japan to seal the Kegare-spawning Dragon Spots makes a detour to an amusement park, and Sae makes a new friend that Benio and Rokuro aren't happy about.

25. Celestial Avatar - Come Back! Southpaw


The Twin Stars head down to Nagoya and encounter a baseball stadium that has been taken over by a Basara.

26. Twin Stars VS Twins - Basara Twins' Strings


The Twin Star Exorcists meet a pair of twin Basara brothers, whose teamwork might be a match for our heroes' powers... And the mastermind behind the Dragon Spots finally reveals himself.

27. Mayura-chan's Secret - Mayura's Secret Lesson


While the Twin Stars tour Japan, Mayura tries to step up her skills as an exorcist.

28. Unomiya Tenma - Transcendence


A Dragon Spot in Kumano results in a brief detour before the Twin Stars and Sae arrive in Kyoto, and they meet the strongest member of the Twelve Guardians.

29. A Promise with Sae - Missing Exorcist Master


The head of the Exorcist Union is attacked by the Basara responsible for the the Dragon Spots. And the Twin Star Exorcists finally learn just where Sae came from.

30. Forever Smiling - Lovely Smile Forever


With the secret behind the Dragon Spots and Sae's origin revealed, the path to salvation is clear. But are the Twin Stars willing to part ways with the girl who's become like a daughter to them? And if they're not, can they help the Twelve Guardians resist the flood of Kegare coming through the Dragon Spot?

31. Because I'm With You - Wai Wa Kinako Ya!


Kinako wakes up alone in the Seika Dorm after the trip to Kyoto. As he searches for Benio, he reminisces about how they first met.

32. Into Chaos - Seeking the Past, Seeking the Future


The Twin Stars reflect on their past, and Rokuro begins to question his own origins.

33. The Master Repays a Favor - I Want You to Eat Me


Kuranashi prepares the next phase of his plan, and sends the Basara who have allied with him to take on the Twelve Guardians.

34. The Greatest Duo?! - Wachi vs Washi & Watashi


Two of the Twelve Guardians, Zeze Miku and Sada Sakura, take on the ravenous Basara named Moro.

35. The Puppeteer's Revenge - I Am Not Alone


A Basara is targetting the Twin Star Exorcists, and the only one standing in his way is Shimon. But will the winged guardian save Rokuro and Benio, or be their ultimate downfall?

36. What Must Be Protected - What Is Really Important?


Chijiwa has wrapped Shimon, along with the rest of the school, in his marionette strings to force them to attack the Twin Stars. Can Rokuro, Benio, and Mayura find a way to free their friends, or will they be forced to fight?

37. Spirits Soaring in the City of Romance - Tell Me Honest Feelings


It's the quiet before the storm as the Twin Stars and their friends have a moment of rest before Kuranashi unleashes his plot.

38. Narukami's Most Ill-Fated Day - No Way To Run, No Place To Hide


Kuranashi unveils his deadly game, and if the Twin Star Exorcists don't win, it could mean the death of everyone in the town of Narukami.

39. The Sacred Beast of Love - Daughter's Fight! Father's Delight


Mayura and Seigen face off against Kuranashi, but the Basara has a wicked trick up his sleeve. Does the daughter-father team stand a chance against the mastermind of the attack on Narukami?

40. Twin Stars' Hearts Dance - Finally They Kissed?


The Twin Star Exorcists fight the giant Kegare ravaging Narukami while it floats in the sky, as the Twelve Guardians try to make sure the floating city can return to the ground safely.

41. The Twelve Guardians Fall! - Have a Nice Nightmare, 12 Guardians


With the Twelve Guardians caught in Kuranashi's trap, it's now up to the Twin Star Exorcists to free them. But what chance do they stand against the newly powerful Basara?

42. I Come From Magano - Say It Ain't So, Rokuro!


The threat Kuranashi had posed is over, but the Twin Stars don't get to celebrate for long when an old foe returns.

43. The Millennial Dream - Melancholic Misanthrope


Rokuro is reeling from what he has learned about his past, and Head Exorcist Arima explains the full scope of what Abe no Seimei set in motion, over a thousand years ago.

44. Distanced Despite Their Love - Farewell My Precious


After learning about his true nature from Arima, and what it could potentially mean for the entire world, Rokuro makes a decision.

45. The Couple Alone - Lonely Twin Exorcist


Rokuro has decided to fight Yuto alone. Without Benio, and with the other higher ranked exorcists out of commission, does he stand a chance?

46. Yuto - Destiny


As they battle over the fate of the world, Yuto reveals the nature of his obsession with Rokuro.

47. Benio - Positive


Rokuro has become the Cataclysm King, and will soon be responsible for cleansing nearly all of humanity from the Earth. Abe no Seimei offers Benio a way to turn him back to normal, but at what cost?

48. Unity - Solidarity


Abe no Seimei is about to create his perfect new world, and it means a gruesome end for the our current one. I

49. Revival - Restoration


Rokuro attempts to save Benio but even if he succeeds, can the Twin Star Exorcists prevent the creation of Abe no Seimei's new world?

50. Twin Stars - Twins


The greatest Exorcist of all time intends to wipe humanity's yin away in order to create a world where there will be no more free will, or individuality. Can the Twin Star Exorcists stop him?