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Image Scissor Seven Season 2

Scissor Seven Season 2

Release Date 2021-05-05
Runtime 15 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy, Drama, Action & Adventure
Stars He Xiaofeng, Zhao Chengchen
Directors He Xiaofeng

Seeking to recover his memory, a scissor-wielding, hairdressing, bungling quasi-assassin stumbles into a struggle for power among feuding factions.

1. Super Scissors


He Dachun enlists Seven's help defeating a group of assassins newly arrived on the island. A tin of hair wax saves the day.

2. Thirteen vs. Seven


Thirteen seeks to deliver on her promise and destroy Seven, but she must first overcome an assassin's worst enemy — emotion.

3. Protecting Mad Bark


Mad Bark is outplayed by a new killer: a guitar-strumming dog whose acoustic "Magical Sound of Sadness" strikes a lethal chord.

4. The Stan Trip


With Seven's hands tied by an invisible lizard assassin, Cola convinces the Prince of Stan to take her to Stan.

5. Again, We Meet Captain Jack


Captain Jack returns to settle scores with Seven, who summons the powers of the Thousand Demon Daggers.

6. Revenge of King Pheasant


King Pheasant, now a special soldier for Stan, kidnaps Seven and Xiao Fei and sets out to kill Da Bao, but a ghost from the past returns.

7. Plum Blossom Eleven


Seven prepares for a date with Thirteen. When he falls for a trap, he finds a way out of the bind by channeling his tonsorial qi.

8. Two Heroes


Back in the past, Seven joins the Shadow Killers, faces off against Redtooth and sets out in search of the Thousand Demon Daggers.

9. Redtooth


Redtooth arrives on the Island to confront Chairman Jiang, who activates the powerful White Lily Blossom with Seven's help.

10. Fate


Seven reconnects with his old self, but to defeat the Blood Demon, he must harness the power of Xuanwu martial arts — and the barber within.